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Keeping it Simple at Home

I don’t always have the money to put into making my home “just right”. Taking queues from various teachings, especially feng shui, here is my quick list of things that don’t cost much but help keep harmony in the home.

  1. Clean. Just keeping a space clean and fresh smelling (and I don’t mean by using those gross air ‘fresheners’!) will go a long way to improve the overall vibe of the place.
  2. Declutter. You knew this was coming, right!? Start with a single junk drawer in the house and just clear that baby out and see how you feel. Pretty good, I’ll bet. I probably drop off a box for donation at least once a month. I’m not even sure where it all comes from. Another plus is that decluttering makes a home easier to clean the house!
  3. Replace Broken Things. Usually there are some things in need of repair, like burnt out light bulbs or some re-caulking, that don’t cost much but actually make a big difference to the energy of your home.
  4. Add a Plant. Or two! Plants are great for adding good energy to your home. Pots can be a little spendy but you can sometimes find used pots at a garage sale or thrift store and paint them if they are ugly. Or use unconventional containers, like an old pitcher or tea pot (just drill drainage hole in the bottom).
  5. Move Some Furniture. Is there a piece of furniture you’re constantly tripping over or something that just doesn’t feel right to you? Move it! Trust your gut.
  6. Put Some Paint on It. I love paint. Spray paint, regular paint, homemade stain from steel wool, whatever. Freshen up anything that you don’t love, but don’t have the money or desire to get rid of. Simply make it more you. Tip – one of those little sample paint containers at Home Depot goes a very long way.
  7. Add Hooks, Shelves, or Bins. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to make your life simpler by creating organization. Simple shelves above the washer/dryer, wall hooks absolutely everywhere that hanging something makes sense (entryways, including where you enter bedrooms, and closets can be transformed with wall hooks), a wall hung storage bin in a convenient place – these are my go-to solutions for making a house function better with very little expense.
  8. Use Fabric. You can often get remnant fabrics at a good price and do all kinds of creative things with your spaces to make them more inviting, cover up something you don’t like, or add function.
  9. Acceptance. When you can’t “fix” something about your home that bugs you, can you find space in your heart to accept its flaws?